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S355J0 steel plate

Name:S355J0 steel plate

Material:S355J0 steel, S355J0,S355J0 steel plate


Thickness:Thickness: 6-80mm, Width: 1500-3000mm, Length: 6000-12000mm


DeliveryTime:15-30 days, depending on the quantity

PaymentTerms:100% payment against B/L copy, the original documents will be mailed after payment received


Carbon and low alloy steel EN10025 S355J0 steel plate

EN10025 S355J0 steel plate: under EN10025 standard, we can regard S355J0 steel sheet as Carbon and low alloy steel.

S355J0 steel plate is one mainly of Carbon and low alloy steel, S355J0 steel plate S355J0 Material number 1.0553 According to EN10025 1. In different standards, we call S355J0 steel plate differently, such as DIN 1710: St 52-3 U NFA 35-501: E 36-3 UNI 7070:Fe 510 C

Delivery Condition: AR(As Hot Rolled), N(Normalized), T(Tempered), Q(Quenched), TMCP, Q+T(Quenched and

Tempered), UT(Ultrasonic Test:ASTM A435,ASTM A578-C/B/A,EN10160-S0E1,S1E2,S2E3,S3E4), Impact Test, PWHT(Post

Weld Heat Treatment), HIC, Z Test(Z15, Z25, Z35)

S355J0 Comparison of steel grades

S355J0 DIN EN 10025-2 Number: 1.0553Comparison of steel grades
EN10025:1990FE 510 C
NFA 35-501E36-3
UNI7070FE 510 C

S355J0 Chemical analysis -% by mass*

S355 J0 Chemical composition
Chemical elementsC≤ 16mm maxC>16mm maxSi maxMn maxP max.S max.
%,by mass0.200.200.551.600.0400.040

S355J0 Mechanical properties

S355J0 Mechanical properties
ThicknessYield Strength ReH [N/mm2] -transv.min.Tensile Strength Rm -[N/mm2] transv.Fracture Elongation[%]-transv. min.Notch Impact Energy1)Ch Vcomplete -samplelongitud. min [J]
t≤ 16mm355

0 degree 27J
t >16mm345510-680
t < 3mm
t ≥ 3mm

Up to 1.5mm




≥ 3mm


Steel products delivery guarantee:

1. According to the standard of container shipment.

2. Steel packaging is moistureproof and abrasionproof.

3. The ship is low safety risk, arrives quickly, and delivery in time.

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S355J0 Steel Plate Stock Information(2016/12/29)

TypeGradeSpecificationSize InformationQualityQuantityWeight(ton)
Hot Rolled Steel PlateS355J022*2450*6650Four trimmingAuthentic12.814
Hot Rolled Steel PlateS355J033.7*2634*13000Four trimmingAuthentic19.059
Hot Rolled Steel PlateS355J0+N23*1020*13455Four trimmingAuthentic12.478
Hot Rolled Steel PlateS355J031*1445*13426Four trimmingAuthentic14.721
Hot Rolled Steel PlateS355J016.5*2982*10175Four trimmingAuthentic13.93
Hot Rolled Steel PlateS355J0-CE-G3.127*2460*4500Four trimmingAuthentic12.346
Hot Rolled Steel PlateS355J08*2438*6096Four trimmingAuthentic10.933
Hot Rolled Steel PlateS355J024.4*2567*9500Four trimmingAuthentic14.671
Hot Rolled Steel PlateS355J0+N20*2425*4150Four trimmingAuthentic11.58
Hot Rolled Steel PlateS355J028.7*2945*9200Four trimmingAuthentic16.104
Hot Rolled Steel PlateS355J020.2*2949*6000Four trimmingAuthentic12.806
Hot Rolled Steel PlateS355J011*2600*12000Four trimmingAuthentic25.388
Hot Rolled Steel PlateS355J048*2382*13700Four trimmingAuthentic112.296
Hot Rolled Steel PlateS355J028.7*2945*11100Four trimmingAuthentic17.365
Hot Rolled Steel PlateS355J028.7*2945*8000Four trimmingAuthentic15.308
Hot Rolled Steel PlateS355J0+N13*3032*9641Four trimmingAuthentic12.983
Hot Rolled Steel PlateS355J0+N13*2990*7250Four trimmingAuthentic12.212
Hot Rolled Steel PlateS355J0+N-Z2542*1915*10419Four trimmingAuthentic16.578
Hot Rolled Steel PlateS355J0+N13*2990*13200Four trimmingAuthentic14.028
Hot Rolled Steel PlateS355J024.4*2567*12462Four trimmingAuthentic16.127
Hot Rolled Steel PlateS355J021.8*2950*12086Four trimmingAuthentic16.101
Hot Rolled Steel PlateS355J018.5*1663*11042Four trimmingAuthentic12.667
Hot Rolled Steel PlateS355J018.6*1663*11139Four trimmingAuthentic12.705
Hot Rolled Steel PlateS355J0W5*2000*6230Four trimmingAuthentic10.489
Hot Rolled Steel PlateS355J0+N12.5*2990*12600Four trimmingAuthentic13.697
Hot Rolled Steel PlateS355J0+N-Z2542*1700*13392Four trimmingAuthentic17.506
Hot Rolled Steel PlateS355J0+N13*3020*9641Four trimmingAuthentic617.826
Hot Rolled Steel PlateS355J048*2382*13900Four trimmingAuthentic112.476

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