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A572 GR.60 steel plate

Name:A572 GR.60 steel plate

Material:A572 GR.60


Thickness:Thickness: 6-80mm, Width: 1500-3000mm, Length: 6000-12000mm


DeliveryTime:15-30 days, depending on the quantity

PaymentTerms:100% payment against B/L copy, the original documents will be mailed after payment received


ASTM A572Gr.60 steel plate/sheet

ASTM A572Gr.60 steel plate/sheet

ASTM A572Gr.60 steel plate/sheet for Fine grain structural steels, thermomechanically rolled steels
ASTM A572Gr.60 steel plate/sheet,ASTM A572Gr.60 steel plate/sheet, under ASTM standard, we can regard S420M steel plate/sheet for Fine-grain structural steels, thermomechanically rolled steel.
ASTM A572Gr.60is a technical delivery conditions for thermomechanical rolled weldable fine grain structural steels.S means the structural steel, M means the delivery condition.Capital letter L for the quality with specified minimum values of values of impact energy.The ASTM A572 Gr.60 steel is equivalent to SEW TStE420TM,NFA E420R and EN S420M steel grade.

ASTM A572Gr.60 steel plate/sheet Delivery Condition

AR(As Hot Rolled), N(Normalized), T(Tempered), Q(Quenched), TMCP, Q+T(Quenched and Tempered), UT(Ultrasonic Test:ASTM A435,ASTM A578-C/B/A,EN10160-S0E1,S1E2,S2E3,S3E4), Impact Test, PWHT(Post Weld Heat Treatment), HIC, Z Test(Z15, Z25, Z35)

us a572 grade 60 steel plate material

Comparision of steel grades

A 572 Gr.60  ASTM  Number:1.8825 Comparision of steel grades
SEW 083TStE 420 TM
NFA 36-201E 420 R
UNI 7382-
BS 4360-
EN 10113-3S420M

Chemical Composition of ASTM A572Gr.60 steel

Chemical Composition of ASTM A572Gr.60 steel
Grade C max Si max Mn max P max S max N max AL max Nb max V max Ti max Cr max Ni max Mo max Cu max CEV max

astm a572 grade60 steel plate

Mechnical Properties of ASTM A572Gr.60 steel

Mechnical Properties of ASTM A572Gr.60 steel
Notch impact test. Min. absorbed energy434755
Nominal thickness(mm)to 1616-4040-6363-8080-100100-120
ReH-Minimun yield strength(Mpa)420400390380370365
Nominal thickness(mm)to 4040-6363-8080-100100-120
Rm-Tensile strength(Mpa)520-680500-660480-640470-630460-620
Nominal thickness(mm)-
A-Minimum elongation  Lo=5,65√So(%)19

astm a572 gr 60 rolled steel plate

Steel products delivery guarantee: 1. According to the standard of container shipment.
2. Steel packaging is moistureproof and abrasionproof.
3. The ship is low safety risk, arrives quickly, and delivery in time.
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