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S355JR steel plate

Name:S355JR steel plate

Material:S355JR,steel plate, steel sheet,S355JR steel,S355JR plate


Thickness:Thickness: 6-80mm, Width: 1360-3000mm, Length: 6000-12000mm


DeliveryTime:15-30 days, depending on the quantity

PaymentTerms:T/T, 100% Irrevocable at sight


 355JR steel plate

S355JR steel plate

1. S355JR steel plateis hot rolled products of structural steels, technical delivery conditions for non-alloy structural steels, used on many projects, such as bridges, pressure vessels, shipbuilding projects ect.

2. Delivery Condition: AR(As Hot Rolled), N(Normalized), T(Tempered), Q(Quenched), TMCP, Q+T(Quenched and

Tempered), UT(Ultrasonic Test:ASTM A435,ASTM A578-C/B/A,EN10160-S0E1,S1E2,S2E3,S3E4), Impact Test, PWHT(Post

Weld Heat Treatment), HIC, Z Test(Z15, Z25, Z35)

3. Related product: S355JR, S355J0, S355J2, S355K2

Chemical Composition of S355JR steel sheet

GradeNominal thickness (mm) of C% contentSi maxMn maxP maxS maxN maxCu max

EN 10025 S355JR steel plate.jpg

Any more informations for S355JR steel plate, please feel free to contact SDJS, we will try our best to make you satisfied.

Refered steel: S355JR steel plate,steel sheet,S355JR steel,S355JR plate

Steel products delivery guarantee:

1. According to the standard of container shipment.

2. Steel packaging is moistureproof and abrasionproof.

3. The ship is low safety risk, arrives quickly, and delivery in time.

Structural Steel S355 Physical properties

EN 10025:part 2:2004Yield (Reh) minTensile (Rm)Charpy V-notch longitudinalEN 10025 : 1993BS 4360:1990
GradeStrength at t=16mm (MPa)Temp (°C)Energy (J) t= 16mmGradeGrade
S355JR355 490/6302027 S355JR50B
S355J0355 490/630027 S355J050C
S355J2355 490/630-2027 S355J2G3/G450D
S355K2355 490/630-2040S355K2G3/G450DD

S355JR Steel Plate Stocks Information(2016/12/29)

TypeGradeSpecificationSize InformationQualityQuantityWeight(ton)
Hot Rolled Steel PlateS355JR5*1550*10500Four trimmingAuthentic31.917
Hot Rolled Steel PlateS355JR5*1790*8190Four trimmingAuthentic21.15
Hot Rolled Steel PlateS355JR5*1650*8380Four trimmingAuthentic21.086
Hot Rolled Steel PlateS355JR5*1530*6150Four trimmingAuthentic10.369
Hot Rolled Steel PlateS355JR5*2840*10460Double fixedAuthentic11.166
Hot Rolled Steel PlateS355JR5*1610*7710Four trimmingAuthentic10.487
Hot Rolled Steel PlateS355JR5*2800*10500Double fixedAuthentic11.154
Hot Rolled Steel PlateS355JR5*2850*10500Double fixedAuthentic11.175
Hot Rolled Steel PlateS355JR5*2710*8200Four trimmingAuthentic10.872
Hot Rolled Steel PlateS355JR5*1600*9001Four trimmingAuthentic10.565
Hot Rolled Steel PlateS355JR5*2690*8200Four trimmingAuthentic10.866
Hot Rolled Steel PlateS355JR5*2100*13600Four trimmingAuthentic11.121
Hot Rolled Steel PlateS355JR16.3*2984*11700Four trimmingAuthentic14.467
Hot Rolled Steel PlateS355JR5*2220*13600Four trimmingAuthentic11.185
Hot Rolled Steel PlateS355JR5*2690*8200Four trimmingAuthentic10.866
Hot Rolled Steel PlateS355JR21*2657*7100Four trimmingAuthentic13.11
Hot Rolled Steel PlateS355JR-CE-Gr.3.114*1950*7100Four trimmingAuthentic11.522
Hot Rolled Steel PlateS355JR21*3000*12000Four trimmingAuthentic15.935
Hot Rolled Steel PlateS355JR13*1800*6050Four trimmingAuthentic11.111
Hot Rolled Steel PlateS355JR5*2550*9000Four trimmingAuthentic10.901
Hot Rolled Steel PlateS355JR14.6*2984*10600Four trimmingAuthentic13.625
Hot Rolled Steel PlateS355JR16.3*2984*12563Four trimmingAuthentic14.797
Hot Rolled Steel PlateS355JR26.5*2958*6800Four trimmingAuthentic14.184

S355JR steel plate

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