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DX52D hot-dip galvanized steel/DX52D prepainted steel

Name:DX52D hot-dip galvanized steel/DX52D prepainted steel

Material:DX52D+Z/DX52D+ZF/DX52D+ZA/DX52D+AZ,SGCD1, ASTM A653 FS Type

Standard:EN10142,EN10147,EN10292,EN10214, EN10215

Thickness:Thickness: 6-80mm, Width: 1360-3000mm, Length: 6000-12000mm


DeliveryTime:15-30 days

PaymentTerms:T/T, 100% Irrevocable at sight

MinimumOrderQuantity:flexible trial order

DX52D steel plate/ DX52D prepainted steel

DX52D hot-dip galvanized steel is accord with EN standard, the first 'D' means this is a kind of steel for cold forming use, the material number of DX52D is 1.0350 , the last 'D' shows the process technology is hot-dip galvanizing, according to different demand from customers, it can be zinc coated (Z), zinc-iron alloy coated (ZF),  zinc-aluminium alloy coated (ZA), aluminium-zinc alloy coated (AZ).

Specification of DX52D hot-dip galvanizied steel we can offer:

Thickness: 0.13-2.0mm, Width: 600-1575mm

Coating: 40g/m2-275g/m2

Prepainted /colour-coated steel of DX52D hot-dip galvanized steel sheet substrate, we can provide you four types paint as follow for selection:

PE(polyester): The DX52D prepainted/colour coated coil with ordinary polyester painted has suitable price, good durability with an warranty period of 7~10 years in the normal enviroment, it meet the requirements of ordinary buildings.

SMP(silicone modified polyester): The DX52D prepainted/colour coated coil with SMP painted has excellent hardness, wear resistance and heat resistance, and higher durability than ordinary polyester. In the normal enviroment, its warranty period is 15 years with better cost.

HDP(high-durability polyester): The DX52D prepainted/colour coated coil with HDP painted has higher durability, excellent forming performance with warranty period more than 15 years, which can meet the requirements of high-grade buildings.

PVDF(polyvinylidene fluoride): The DX52D prepainted/colour coated coil with PVDF painted has good stability, corrosion resistance and mechanical properties. In the normal enviroment , its warranty period is more than 20 years, mainly used for the senior buildings (such as airport, stadium, etc.) which needs longterm protection, also can be used for buildings in the serious corrosion enviroment(such as seaside, heavy polluted areas or urban centres, etc.)

Further more informations for DX52D+Z/DX52D+ZF/DX52D+ZA/DX52D+AZ hot-dip galvanized steel or DX52D+Z / DX52D+ZF / DX52D+ZA /  DX52D+AZ prepainted steel, please feel free to contact us, the best service will be for you.

Steel products delivery guarantee:

1. According to the standard of container shipment.

2. Steel packaging is moistureproof and abrasionproof.

3. The ship is low safety risk, arrives quickly, and delivery in time.

1.DO you have factory?

We act as main distributors of goverment owned mills, and we have our own machining centers for cutting and simple machining jobs.

2.Where is your factory?

Our representative mills located in Henan, Shangdong, Jiangxi, Guangdong provinces,etc.

3.Can you send us the sample?

It should be according to our stock status and samples are available when we have suitable stocks.

4.How about the delivery time?

Normally we can keep 40 days in average with mill run schedule, for stocks within 10 days. All delivery terms are on basis to Chinese loading port.

5.What payment terms can you accept?

T/T or L/C. For special requests about the payment, please indicate us first then we will check the availability.

7, What is your MOQ?

MOQ for mill run should meet 5tons per size in normal condtions, which should follow the schedules of our mills when inquiry time.

8, What is your shipping port?

Tianjin, Shanghai, Qingdao, etc. All loading ports in China are ok for us.

9,Could i visit the factory by myself?

Surely you can, please inform us your plan in advance so we can arrange some people to take you have a look around our mills/ factories.

10.Can you give me the Manufactory Test Certificate?

For sure we can supply some samples for your reference.

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