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201 stainless steel

Name:201 stainless steel

Material:stainless steel coil, stainless steel sheet, stainless pipe, stainless steel plate


Thickness:Thickness: 0.25-100mm, Width: 1000-1500mm, Length: 2000-6000mm


DeliveryTime:15-30 days, 7 days for ready products

PaymentTerms:T/T, 100% Irrevocable at sight

MinimumOrderQuantity:flexible trial order

201 stainless steel plate pipe tube coil

201 stainless steel plate pipe tube coil
201 stainless steel is part of the 200 series of austenitic stainless steels. Originally developed to conserve nickel, this family of stainless steels is characterized by low-nickel content. 201 stainless steel  can substitute for 301 stainless steel in many applications, but is less corrosion resistant than its counterpart, particularly in chemical environments.Annealed, it is non-magnetic, but can become magnetic by cold working. A greater nitrogen content in type 201 provides higher yield strength and toughness than type 301 steel, especially at low temperatures.

201 stainless steel Delivery condition
Heat treatment: hot rolled or as customers' request.
Surface treatment: 2B, BA, No.1, No.4, Mirror or as customers' request.
Chemical composition of 201 stainless steel plate

UNS DesignationType/GradeCMnPSSiCrNiN

201 stainless steel coil material

Mechanical Test Requirements properties of 201 stainless steel    

UNS DesignationTypeTensile Strength, minYield Strength,B minElongation in
 2 in. or 50 mm,
min, %
Hardness, maxCCold Bend°D
ksiMPaksiMPaBrinellRockwell B
S20103201L-F95655382604021795not required
S20153201L-NF956554531045241100not required
125860503454025525-Jnot required

201 polished stainless steel tube pipe

Unless otherwise indicated, a grade designation originally assigned by the American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI).
Yield strength shall be determined by the offset method at 0.2 % in accordance with Test Methods and Definitions A 370. Unless otherwise specified (see Specification A 480/A 480M, paragraph 4.1.11, Ordering
Information), an alternative method of determining yield strength may be based on total extension under load of 0.5 %.
Either Brinell or Rockwell B Hardness is permissible.
Bend tests are not required for chromium steels (ferritic or martensitic) thicker than 1 in. [25 mm] or for any austenitic or duplex (austenitic-ferritic) stainless steels regardless of thickness.
Common name, not a trademark, widely used, not associated with any one producer.

Steel products delivery guarantee:
1. According to the standard of container shipment.
2. Steel packaging is moistureproof and abrasionproof.
3. The ship is low safety risk, arrives quickly, and delivery in time.

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